Aixingtianxia Wellness Workshop

Services Pricing

Customize Therapy 1hr / $60 | 2hr / $110 | 3hr / $150 | 4hr / $180

Customize Therapy According to the different needs of individuals, we design the most suitable exclusive therapy plan based on the core health concept and physiotherapy projects of AiXingTianXia. 私人定制 針对个人的不同需求,以艾兴天下的核心养生理念及理疗项目,设计出最适合您的专属理疗方案。


Ginger Herbal Moxibustion $90 / 120 MINS

GINGER HERBAL MAXIBUSTION This treatment is derived from the traditional long snake moxibustion, ginger moxibustion and herbal moxibustion techniques. Each treatment requires 500 grams of ginger and more than 10 kinds of TCM herbal powder on top of Mugwort. It is designed for the Ren Du Er Mai, and the[…]


Healing Sound + Acroyoga Massage $60 mins / 60 mins

HEALING SOUND + ACROYOGA MASSAGE Combining the singing bowl sound therapy and acro yoga massage, tough muscles, and connective tissues can be relieved, and joints can be strengthened. Along with the unique and stable vibration frequency of the Singing Bowl, one will be driven to relax and enter a deep-sleep[…]


Eye Relax Treatment $128 / 90 mins

EYE RELAX TREATMENT Bojin and guasha with exclusive herbal energy and beauty oil on acupuncture points, eye muscles and meridians. Effectively clears the meridians, blocked tendon nodes and relaxes the eye muscles and improves microcirculation. Regular treament can improve eyesight. Process : Unblock the body related points → Eye Cleansing[…]


Bojin Guasha Facial Treatment $168 / 120 mins

BOJIN GUASHA FACIAL TREATMENT Using exclusive beauty oil for bojin, guasha, lifting, and lymphatic drainage effectively clear the facial meridians. This softens blocked tendon nodes, promotes blood circulation and gets rid of water retention thus restoring firmness and radiance to the face. Process : Cleansing and Exfoliating → Deep Cleansing[…]


Moxibustion Treatment $30/ 60 mins

  MOXIBUSTION TREATMENT With the heat & far-infrared rays produced by burning mugwort, aroma energy will penetrate acupuncture points and meridians. Warm Qi will remove internal moisture and cold thus improve rheumatism, arthritis, cold womb, stomach, hands, and feet. Long-term continuous treatment will enhance the immune system and promote health.[…]


Targeted Treatment $30 / 30 mins

  TARGETED TREATMNET treatment tools will be used according to the conditions of the targeted body part. Choose one body area to target from options below: 针对性理疗 针对以下部位其一选项,配以适当的工具手法进行针对性调理。 Head / 头部 Head & Shoulder/肩颈部 Peer Limb (1 side)/上肢(单边) Abdomen/腹部 Waist/腰部 Leg (1 side)/腿部(单边)


Bladder Meridian (back/leg)Treatment $90 / 90 mins

  Bladder Meridian (back/leg)Treatment Using exclusive herbal energy oil, bojin and guasha in conjunction with hot Bian stone / moxibustion, can effectively clear the Bladder meridian, regulate internal organs and soothe back stiffness. Long-term continuous use of this regular treatment can detoxify and restore balance within the body, as well[…]

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