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At axtx we provide a range of holistic service and intuitive oriental style therapies such as guasha, bojin, moxibustion, healing sound therapy, special beauty facial, eye treatment to help you regain your health and bring wellbeing as well as balance back into your life.

To uphold the quality of service, we ensure that every physiotherapist undergoes rigorous training at a reasonable price based on personal qualifications and experience. In this case, you can choose the right person for you based on your personal needs and budget. We believe that every talent’s expertise is to be respected and that this will allow any talent who is passionate about this industry a chance to practice their craft.

In addition, we have our e-learning centre to provides a series of health care courses to promote the concept of Individual Health Management to hone one’s ability to preserve one’s health and avoid over-reliance on medical care.

Whether you have a need for health care, beauty, and skincare treatments, want to learn simple and effective health and skincare techniques, or want to become a professional physiotherapist, you are welcome to visit our LOHAS e-learning centre.

Axtx four major physiotherapy core programs are:

Dredging: Meridian blockage affects blood flow and leads to disease. When the meridian is blocked, signals that will be emitted include soreness, pain, numbness, cold limbs, dryness, irregular sweating patterns, and enlarged skin pores.

Detoxification: Eliminate toxins through the six major detoxification organs: skin, lymph, colon, lung, liver and kidney; and the seven major detoxification channels: eyes, ears, nose, sputum, pubic sinus, posterior genitals, anus and the weakest part of the human body.

Treatment: Helps the body return to equilibrium quickly through targeted treatment.

Replenishment of Qi and Blood: Qi constitutes the most basic element of the human body and is the source of vitality.  Blood is made up of matter and is the source of human energy. Qi can produce blood while blood can nourish. Qi and blood can be replenished to help the body reach an optimum state through the adoption of good living habits and consumption of high-quality natural food.

Currently, there is 2 services point around the island:

  • Wellness Retreat Point@Whampoa Drive
  • Scrub Beauty Salon -200 Orchard Point, Orchard Road #03-03 Singapore.




无论您对保健理疗、美容护肤的疗愈项目有需求,或者想学习简单有效的养生护肤方法,或想成为一位专业的理疗师,欢迎您游览我们的网络学习中心 – LOHAS e-learning centre.






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